Would it be on the radio, the television or in the newspapers, everyone is invaded by news of wars, famines, poverty, etc. People start to doubt that a world in peace is still possible. But how otherwise can we think when we live on an over-populated and polluted planet, whose resources start to become exhausted? Although one can believe that it is the end of the world, there is still a good long-term solution to all these problems and it is the colonization of space.

Terraforming Mars

Our mission is to promote the idea of space colonization as a good long-term solution to the big problems that face humanity. We firmly believe that the human race should:

Observe, Explore, Colonize !

First we must continue to observe the universe and learn its secrets as we did since the antiquity. This section contains an overview of our knowledge about astronomy.

Then we have to explore our immediate spatial neighborhood. In this section you will discover the history of human exploration of space and its possible future as well as its application toward space colonization.

Finally we have to colonize the solar system and eventually other star systems or even galaxies. In this section you will learn about why and how to colonize space.

There’s even more!

There is also a science-fiction section where you will find reviews of some of the best science-fiction movies, TV series, novels, short stories, etc. showing how some authors imagined the future of humanity in space.